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9.50 - S. M, United Kingdom
Christina and Gillian are always approachable and friendly even when I've had to change dates or book last minute. I think it's the build quality and location that makes Bay Farm so very special to me and would buy it if I has the money...or if the estate would sell...!
9.00 - S. M, United Kingdom
Friendly and very helpful staff and the location is second to none. Been so many times now it feels like a second home - wish it was!
8.25 - C. S, United Kingdom
We enjoyed a lovely peaceful break at the cottage as always. The weather was very kind except on the day we left. We felt very comfortable and safe in spite of the horrible circumstances we are all experiencing. We found that generally every one was adhering to the guide lines when we were out and about and found that very reassuring.
10.00 - R. M, United Kingdom
Beautiful, peaceful and relaxing location. Country Cottage Holiday staff were helpful and friendly as always!
8.75 - A. E, United Kingdom
Really good location. Heating and hot water were excellent. Comfortable beds . TV easy to use.
10.00 - G. T, United Kingdom
Warm, comfortable, all necessary facilities and equipment. Good range of kitchen appliances and utensils. Very effective heating in main living areas. Good TV and DVD facilities for winter evenings. Easy access to good quality suppliers of victuals, restaurants and cafes.
10.00 - J. G, United Kingdom
Brilliant location. Ideal for a relaxing holiday, with plenty of wildlife to observe. Housekeeping is always top notch. Cottage is always maintained to a high standard and is warm and cosy.
9.00 - C. S, United Kingdom
We had a lovely holiday in your lovely cottage as we always do. Every thing was as we had anticipated. Very peaceful and quiet and a perfect view from the terrace.
10.00 - K. B, United Kingdom
9.75 - S. M, United Kingdom
I truly love the first sight on a Saturday when I drive down the lane and see the cottages from above, it means I've got a full week to enjoy this special location! It's warm, cosy, spacious and exceptionally clean and has one of the best views in Scotland. I always hate leaving as I feel I've just let the magic of Munlochy Bay works its spell on me, then it's time to go home...I'll be booking for next year.
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