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9.00 - D. K, United Kingdom
Lovely location with great walks round the estate. The "Other" guest type reflects that we are married but are neither "young" nor retired.
10.00 - A. G, United Kingdom
Fantastic holiday residence in a truly wonderful 'million dollar' location. The view alone is spectacular and worth every penny. The house is luxuriously appointed and has some of the most comfortable beds in the whole of Scotland, (and I can say that as a veteran of many uncomfortable Scottish holidays in back breaking beds). The peace and quiet, the wildlife and the tranquility of the estate makes this a cut above most Scottish holiday locations.
10.00 - C. S, Germany
9.40 - A. G, United Kingdom
The view from the house, the setting, the quality of the furnishings, the feeling of comfort and the beds, most unusual for Scotland, really comfy
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