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10.00 - R. H, United Kingdom
We had a great five days. Never visited in November and it was lovely to see the geese on the bay
9.50 - C. B, United Kingdom
Love the property, its location, the peace, wild life and the fact it is away from the business of everyday life. Nicely furnished and clean - ready to use without having to do anything.
9.50 - C. S, United Kingdom
Beautiful location and comfortable accomodation. Shame that there isn't a welcome pack anymore.
10.00 - W. R, United Kingdom
9.25 - H. B, United Kingdom
Wonderful location for a quiet peaceful holiday. A haven for watching wildlife with stunning views. Everything you need in the cottage.
10.00 - G. T, United Kingdom
As wonderful as ever.
9.75 - J. G, United Kingdom
Wonderful location, comfortable beds, easily controlled heating. The cottage has a lovely ambience and a very peaceful setting.
9.25 - C. B, United Kingdom
We love the peacefulness and beauty of the cottage and surroundings. We put bird food out on the nearby bird table and see a plethora of birds including the local woodpecker. We see the local seals, red kites and ospreys during the early summer months. We revel in the countryside and thank the estate for being able to rent the cottage on a regular basis which we will do for years to come.
9.75 - L. M, United Kingdom
Always enjoy coming to Swallow… and that is over 20 years. The bay is beautiful and we love the tranquility away from the tourists!
10.00 - M. H, United Kingdom
I have now stayed at Cottages from Country Cottages over the past 8 years. Everyone of them have been fantastic. These two cottages imparticular were amazing due to the outlook and location. Wake up in the morning to colonies of seals on the sand banks and Osprey fishing from Munlochy Bay. It is very secluded but I find that tremendous.
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